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It is my goal to teach students that through self-discipline, commitment, dedication, and accountability, they can achieve excellence in every part of their musical journey. The skills that build inner self-confidence and a positive mindset are vital and, luckily, achievable with learning to play a musical instrument! Here are some of the qualities that are developed in children who invest in learning to play the piano:


  • Self discipline

  • Self confidence

  • Responsibility

  • Accountability

  • Perseverance

  • Work ethic

  • Understanding the value of delayed gratification

  • Self respect

  • Respect for others

  • Self motivation

  • Long term appreciation for the arts


Some of the main aspects of my teaching are to help students build a solid technique, achieve a good tone quality, and implement efficient practice habits. Learning how to practice well is essential to making the most out of a practice session and I make sure to provide students with a clear plan of how to organize their practice time.

Performing in public is essential to the artistic growth of any musician, and I strongly encourage students to participate in competitions, concerts, recitals, masterclasses, and summer festivals.

What motivates me most is to help each student reach his/her potential. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a student play well!


I believe that playing well is the best motivation of all! 

Teaching Philosophy

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